Primers – waterbased curing primers

Our water based primers are made to coat onto the surface of plastics to give good adhesive to overprinting/over coating onto plastics with difficult inks adhesives, and coatings.

Our primers can be formulated to heat seal onto difficult plastics for lamination or heat seal processes.   Improved adhesion can give other properties like excellent scuff and scratch resistance, improved lamination bonding.


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  • Overprint of digital HP indigo inks ( link)
  • Digital ink jet
  • Lazer inks
  • Flexo uv inks
  • Litho uv inks
  • UV coatings



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  • Gloss
  • Neutral-matt
  • Heat seal laminating
For film and sheet plastics treated, coated,  polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, pvc, polystyrene, polyamides (nylon)abs, pet (polyester)



WB 1106 PRIMER is a water based crosslinking dispersion formulated for coating applications onto Plastics.

WB 1106 provides excellent adhesion to difficult plastics and acts as a key agent for over printing and coating with eco solvent and UV curing inks and coatings to achieve excellent bonding.

WB 1106 provides a tough and flexible film surface which has very good receptivity and printability providing good resistance from water and chemical attack.

Click to Download our WB1106 PRIMER PDF datasheet.

RC 1135 neutral matt Primer

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